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Finding AND Vector


There are five examples of using queries with Finding AND Vector:

IDdx Intro

Jaundice AND Ticks

Skin Nodules AND Biting Flies

Delirium AND Mosquitoes

Rhabdomyolysis AND Ticks

Finding AND Other Epidemiological Factor


There three examples of queries using a finding (sign or symptom) and another epidemiological factor (entry, source, or reservoir):

Eosinophilia AND Fish (reservoir)

Meningitis AND Dairy (unpasteurized milk or cheese)

Diarrhea AND Ingestion (entry) AND Swine (reservoir)

Finding AND Region


There are seven examples of queries using finding (sign or symptom) AND region of the world:

Rash AND Middle East

Bleeding tendency AND West Aftica AND Needle

Cancer AND East Asia

Hematuria AND Acute renal failure AND North America

Circinate rash AND Lymphadenopathy AND North America

Hilar lymphadenopathy AND Western Europe

Cirrhosis AND North America

Finding AND Finding


There are seven examples of queries using a finding (sign or symptom) AND another finding:

ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) AND Urticaria

Bowel obstruction AND Anemia

Relative bradycardia AND Fecal leukocytes

Muscle weakness AND thrombocytopenia

Warty growth of skin AND Fatigue

Erythema nodosum AND Cough


Finding AND Occupation


There are seven examples of queries that use a finding (sign or symptom) AND a job:

Encephalitis AND Veterinarian

Myocarditis AND Nurses

Ulcer of skin AND Lung infiltrate AND Soldiers in the field

Cough AND Pharyngitis AND Soldiers billeted

Entry wound with lymph nodes AND Farmers

Lymphadenopathy AND Immigrants returning home to visit friends

Seizure AND paralysis AND International business traveler

Finding AND Category


There are three examples of queries that use a finding (sign or symptom) AND a category of diseases:

Diarrhea AND Paresthesias AND Foodborne Intoxications

Eosinophilia AND Skin lesions, linear or serpiginous AND Intestinal Nematodes

Rash AND Childhood Infections

Incubation Period Queries


There are three examples of using incubation periods in queries:

Animal bite AND Incubation period of 7-48 hours

Weight loss AND Sexually transmitted AND 2-24 months

Oculoglandular syndrome AND 0-48 hours

Other Queries


Other examples of queries include:

Hemoptysis AND Bioterrorism

Meningitis AND Immunocompromised

Anemia AND Uveitis AND Subacute/Chronic

Fishers and Related Fishing Workers

Slaughterers and Meat Packers AND North America AND Acute-severe